How long will it take to put it on my bike?
It takes a minute to put the BarBra on your bike.
Watch this YouTubvideo. 
Will it fit on my bike?
The BarBra
TM fits on most straight or curved handlebars up to 28 inches wide.
It is not suitable for drop or "racing" bars.

Can I get my hands out to signal turns?
It is easy to put your hands in and out of the BarBra 
Watch this Video of a 6km ride.
Will the BarBra slow me down?
The BarBra is aerodynamic and collapes as the wind blows over it at higher speeds.
You should not find any perceptable change in speed.
Watch this Video of the BarBra 
TM at high speed.
What happens if the wind blows into the BarBra?
In the unlikely event that a persistent tail wind was moving faster than the speed of your bicycle - most of the wind would be blocked by your back. Wind that did blow in to the BarBra would escape through the opening underneath the BarBra.
How to keep the BarBra clean?
Use warm soapy water to clean your BarBra. Hang to dry.
What if I am not happy with my purchase?
If you are not satisfied that the BarBra 
TM is right for your bike you may return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Returns must be in original condition with labels and tags intact. Shipping is paid by the sender. 
If you have other questions please ask info@barbra.ca

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