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Our Story

It has been over a decade since the first BarBra was made from an old windbreaker.
The idea for a protective cover for the handlebars of a bicycle came to me 30 years ago.
I was on a five day cycling trip in France. On the last day, the pleasant spring weather turned cold and wet.
Riding for hours in the wind and rain would have been tolerable if my fingers had not been so cold.
The fingerless cycling gloves I wore offered no protection.
Once I was back at home in Paris I forgot about the idea but 20 years later I found myself even more uncomfortable.
Living in Toronto, Canada I cycled 6 km to and from work, summer and winter. It was late at night, the temperature was -15 celsius and I was riding downhill.
Even with winter gloves, my hands were so cold that I had to tuck one behind my backpack in order to keep my fingers from freezing.
I knew that steering with one hand downhill on a slippery roadway was bound to end badly. Awake in bed that night I thought again of possible solutions.
It seemed that keeping the wind off my hands was the key and so the next day I cut off sections of an old windbreaker and draped it over my handlebars.
When I was riding the nylon material clung to my gloves and it was difficult to get my hands in and out from under the cowl but it did seem to be an improvement.
More to follow…